Muhammad Ali
Fri, 10/31/2014 - 14:31
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Friday, October 31, 2014




PK Pakistan

Type of Service Needed: 

Clinical Services

Clinical Services Choices: 

Cardiac Surgical Capabilities (Cases not involving cardiopulmonary bypass)

Patient Type: 

Adults for reoperation of diseases presented in childhood


Dear Sir, I am Muhammad Ali live in Pakistani am facing very hard period now days due to my son. My son is not medically fit by-birth. Doctor said to me multi-surgery needs for my child then my son is normal otherwise my child is not medically fit. Now my son one year old. Pakistani doctor told me you can operate your son after one year his body is not suitable for multi-surgery. I attached report of my son. I am belong a normal family. I haven’t resources to totally cover my son treatment. I am very disappointed also this situation. I am working in private organization and my salary is very low. If you can help for me then please give me response. I shell be very thankful to you. Regards, Muhammad Ali. 0301-3333090

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Geo location: 

Geolocation is 33.598394, 73.0441352

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