History of GHN

Annabel Lavielle, the founder of GHN was originally drawn to this project based on her personal experience with her own children and her involvement in global nonprofits working in the area of open heart surgery in the developing world. Through this involvement she discovered nonprofits knew little of each other, that they shared the same vision but their service delivery was different. She became fascinated by the different service delivery models and wanted to further understand the organizations in the world that work in this area and the various strategies for service delivery. In 2010, while obtaining her Masters in Nonprofit Administration at the University of San Francisco she researched organizations that worked in this field and the networks that support them.

During this research, she realized that the organizations had little public visibility and had difficulty finding the principle organizations in their respective service delivery models and geographical areas of operation. The process was difficult to reach the proper information in the vast sea of the Internet and she made the assumption that there was a critical need to encourage organizations to engage with one another and saw the opportunity to build a dynamic Web-Based platform. This is how the GLOBAL HEART NETWORK came into being. The idea of a separate platform to help these organizations and all stakeholders to fully collaborate with other organizations and all stakeholders working in the field. From the evaluation she was able to gather first-hand knowledge to discovered that organizations were eager to collaborate and responsive to the creation of a new Web-Based platform to improve their organizational and program efficiency and to discover how an international network could serve them better.

Co-founders joined her in this initiative.
Prof. Afksendiyos Kalangos, head of Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at University Hospital of Geneva was oe of the first supporters of the GHN initiative. HIs extensive experience in humanitarian medicine through « Hearts for All » has also given Professor Kalangos in depth incite into the issues in humanitarian medicine and have been key to the structure of the Platform Raj Sampath brings to the GHN his technology and entrepreneurial experience. His belief is that modern information technology disinter mediates the redundant layers and brings producers and consumers close to each other. This concept is applicable to all segments globally. Entrepreneurs, who understand this paradigm change, stand to benefit immensely by creating value using this technology. His engagement in Global Heart Network (GHN) is born out of that belief. GHN mission is to create an efficient ecosystem by leveraging this evolving technology among highly specialized healthcare providers, funders, enablers and needy patients in under privileged circumstance.

Dr Hakim Yadi is a strategy consultant specializing in the fields of technology development and translational medicine. Hakim provides precious guidance in the high level strategy of the GHN. Hakim is an advocate of integrating clinical insight, academic research and industry know-how.