Global Heart Network 501(c)3  has established a technology platform tool to help increase access to cardiac care in Low and Middle income countries (LMICs) * by enhancing the level of support provided to all programs globally in order to improve the lives of beneficiaries by:

  1. Collaborating and communicating effectively with each other
  2. Sharing knowledge, best practice and experiences
  3. Matching needs and resources for Clinical Services, Educational Opportunities, Funding, Medical Equipment and Supplies, Volunteers and Personnel
  4. Mapping NGO activities
  5. Mapping Hospitals in LMICs providing cardiac clinical services
  6. Providing training and skill improvement opportunities and announcing conferences of interests worldwide
  7. Seeking efficiency and effectiveness in operations
  8. Improving accountability and transparency
  9. Leveraging public-private partnership
  10. Working with and extracting the best learning from academia
  11. Soliciting donor support for effective operations
  12. Increasing the profile and promoting awareness of cardiovascular disease globally
  13. Supporting our fellow professionals in the field
  14. Setting common standards
  15. Promoting appropriate use of new technology and information systems
  16. Fostering innovation in our practices
  17. Respecting humanitarian principles  of  transparency, Impartiality and Independence:
    1. Transparency : Our actions are subjected to regular reports to GHN members and  donors
    2. Impartiality: Our actions are driven regardless of race, religion, social background, political membership or any other discriminating criteria. We focus on finding opportunities and solutions for people working or affected by heart disease. 
    3. Independence: Our actions are driven by our principles and thus we assert the autonomy of our organization

*  LMICs: