About Us


This Mission of Global Heart Network is to connect independent efforts and initiatives with people in need via a collaboration platform


The Vision of Global Heart Network envisions a world working together to bring cardiac care to all in need


Compassion, Collaboration, Committed Innovation, Accountability, Diversity

The Global Heart Network’s project was initially started as a research project by Annabel Green-Lavielle while she was completing her program at the University of San Francisco in the Master of Non-Profit Administration. As her "Cap-stone" project she choose to conduct a survey among NGO’s in the Pediatric Cardiac Care vertical. Her findings from the survey gave her three imperatives to solve:

  1. What is the best model for service delivery?
  2. Have these models been evaluated for their efficiency?
  3. Who are all the organizations that work in the developing world?

The Global Heart Network Platform Project Was Founded To Address These Issues.
Global Heart Network Foundation (GHN), is the first of its kind global non-profit 501(c)3 health collaborative which was created to improve the provision of cardiac care in middle and low-income countries through the development of a technology for organizational and program efficiency for all stakeholders working in the field.
The tool has 2 important functions. 
Firstly a database of NGOs, and Hospitals and information for patients and families.  We also map activities of organizations and hospitals providing services for cardiac care in LMICs
Secondly a non-profit brokerage facilitating matching needs to resources in cardiac care for clinical services, education and training, and medical equipment and supplies 
Global Heart Network is a place for dialogue where members at the forefront of care delivery can share knowledge, insight and learning’s to work towards the single goal of increasing access to cardiac care in LMICs.