Saving Hearts in Senegal


GHN offers care to less fortunate families in low and middle-income countries whose children suffer from a variety of heart ailments and malformations. In partnership with NGO Servir Le Senegal run by the First Lady of Senegal, Mme Marième Faye Sall, and support from the Minister of Education and Minister of Health we are starting a program in Mbour Senegal to help reduce incidence of rheumatic heart disease (RHD).

Impact Area: Mbour, Senegal

RHD has been practically eradicated in wealthy nations, but in the developing world the disease remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality, particularly in children and young adults. RHD is caused by untreated streptococcal infections. It is one of the few TRULY PREVENTALBE chronic diseases if diagnosed at an early, clinically silent stage.

Program Overview:

Beneficiaries: 2,000 school-aged children in 3 schools in Mbour, Senegal
1. School Health Services: School projects, posters, plays, lessons and community events
2. Empowering the primary care system to deliver or oversee primary and secondary prophylaxis
3. Supporting primary care clinicians to treat sore throats appropriately with local guidelines
4. Conducting first RHD Diagnostic Program for selected patients in Mbour over one week period
Please read enclosed 2 pager for full details of the program and budget

Saving Hearts in India


In partnership with NGO Heart for Hearts (H4H) based in Chennai, India, GHN helps ensure that advances in surgery and interventional technology reach the less affluent. To this end GHN is fundraising to allow provision of infrastructure with cardiac physicians and surgeons, conducting surgical procedures, following up on operated patients and using the data to conduct research to improve results and prevent heart disease.

Impact Area: TamilNadu, India

Although there are good hospitals with contemporary infrastructure and trained staff, there are still a large number of patients, who blong to under privileged society that have no access to surgery because of lack of financial support. This campaign will provide, free of charge, life saving heart surgery for these patients.

Please see our film introducing you to Dr Sreemathi Seshadrinathan at the Public Health Centrre Hospital in Chennai.

Please read enclosed 2 pager for full details of the program and budget

Save Heart's Campaign through Travel

Hospitals located in low & middle income countries, closer to the patients’ home have the capacity and the ability to provide free open heart surgeries to the people in need, but are often restricted because of the travel expenditures.
Global Heart Network has responded to this dramatic need by creating a fund to cover the travel expenditures of patients in need to travel to get access to the cardiac care they need. 
We have started this fund thanks to our members, collaborators and partners, and  10 children have initially been identified from Liberia, Nigeria, and Tanzania, who will travel to the General Hospital of Yaoundé in Cameroon on April 2014 for life-saving open heart surgery. 
To achieve our goal, and provide care for these children and other GHN is raising funds through The Save Hearts Campaign.  The fund will continue through 2014 for other patients travel needs. 
The campaign has started and will be officiallly launched for
 #GivingTuesday on Dec 3rd, a day of giving on the Razoo’s platform.

Samahope crowdsources simple,
live saving surgeries for the poor.

Save Hearts Campaign through helping finance in country surgeries

Global Heart Network has established a partnership with a cutting edge crowdfunding platform Samahope to help finance open-heart surgery for children suffering from Tetralogy of Fallot and who live under the poverty level in their country and therefore unable to have surgery.  Some of GHN network of cardiac surgeons in low and middle income countries will be introduced to Samahope’s growing number of supporters to appeal for funds to help cover surgery. The start of this initaiative will be from surgeons Dr Fadi Bitar, Lebanon,  Dr Cherian (or Ravie Agarwal), India, Dr Sreemathi S (India).  As we all raise awareness through the platform we hope there will be a growing list of surgeons joining in the initiative.
For more information regarding this initiative:

The CVD Registry Project

The Global Heat Network Foundation is a cloud-based resource-matching platform that is rapidly increasing access to cardiac healthcare in low and middle income counties (LMIC). To support the GHN Foundation in improving access to care GHN is constructing a global database of cardiothoracic delivery infrastructure, a resource desperately required if GHN is to increase the impact it is having from a local to global scale. No such resource currently exists. The creation of this database would also go a long way to registering the global need and capacity for delivery of care to patients afflicted of heart disease, and specifically congenital heart diseases (CHD).
The GHN platform acts as a 'network of networks', placing the GHN Foundation in a unique position to act as a coordinating body for collecting and integrating global datasets required for the creation of a globally relevant database of cardiothoracic infrastructure in LMICs. The data collection and analysis will be used to create an interactive map allowing humanitarian organisations the first opportunity to view the global infrastructure available to them in a simple and and informative way. This valuable resource will help healthcare professionals working in LMICidentify resource, importantly it will help patients in need of care.
GHN will make the information freely available through its bespoke cloud-based resource-matching platform to NGOs, healthcare institutions and government agencies who will be able to utilise the database for efficient clinical planning, resource distribution and policy making.