Are Low-Fat Diets Really A Good Idea?

Facts about low-fat diets

Keeping the cholesterol levels low or if your main goal is to lose weight, low-fat diets can help but it would still depend on the food intake and the kind of food taken as well as the kind of body you have. There are several meaning when you resort to a low fat meal. You need to consider if it is definitely fat free, or basically just a low fat one or could be just reduced or even light. You need to be familiar of what it is exactly you want and what you want to happen to your body.

Below are some of the thing that are essential for you to be familiar with:

  • Fat free
  • Low fat
  • Reduced fat
  • Light

Fat free

When you say fat free, you have to ensure that the serving should only be .5 gram of fat per serving. Anything that exceeds will not be considered fat free anymore and would defeat the purpose of it being fat free.

Low fat

3 grams of fat per serving should be the standard for low fat food. If this goes over, then this goes to the next category.

Reduced fat

For reduced fat, it must have less than 25% fat per serving. Basically, there is still fat in the food, only not the usual amount that the normal ones have.


Light food are considered this only if it has 50% of fat per serving or less. Once it goes over, it is now considered as a normal fatty food.

The disadvantage of eating fat free food is you miss the beauty of the taste of the food. Why? Simply because fat free is also taste free. You will not enjoy every moment of the food you are chewing mostly because it is fat free.

The best way to actually lose weight is to eat in moderation. Self-control, discipline and exercise. No matter how you try to starve yourself and deprive yourself from all the fat free food you are taking, if you lack exercise, keep in mind that it will still be difficult to lose weight. You may lose a little but gain really fast once you start eating those luscious chocolates again. You would become a yo-yo as they call it because of the wrong type of diet taken.

So if I were you, start hitting the gym and eating right!