Signs Of Heart Attack Every Adult Should Know

Here are the very obvious reasons why a heart attack is very dangerous

  • Once you encounter a heart attack for the very first time, the next time you experience it, you may not live
  • Heart attacks are very prone to making a person paralyzed for the rest of his life
  • Strokes are also considered results of a heart attack

What is this a very deadly disease?

Myocardial infarction – this is what a heart attack is. This happens when a muscle in the heart is not getting the amount of blood it should be. The more time you are getting less blood flow in that certain muscle, the worse the attack gets which may even led to death if not attended to right away.

The symptoms everyone must know

  • You will be feeling discomfort mostly as well as chest pain. Usually, the discomfort is in the centre or the left part of the heart. It would feel like a squeeze, a pressure or just intense pain,
  • Fainting – this is very normal when you are about to experience myocardial infarction. You will also notice that you are feeling light headed or weak.
  • You will also feel unusually heavy pain on your jaw, back and/ or neck area.
  • Shoulders and arms – you will also feel pain or discomfort on both. It would be as if they would be heavier than usual.
  • Also, along with this is the shortness of breath. It can happen before the chest pains or during the chest pains.

The moment you start feeling of the above, call 911 or emergency immediately. The above are very clear symptoms and would later on lead you to having myocardial infarction. You may want to be vigilant especially during these times and make sure you plan possible ways in being able to contact people right away.

If you have experienced this or prone to experiencing this, you can start setting up speed dials on your phone to your loved ones. That way, even the last second of your consciousness, you would be able to at least send them a text message or give them a ring as a warning. It is always better to be guarded especially with this kind of incident, you would not want to be left with no choice and just die in the middle of the road. Still, the best option is to start getting fit and healthy the earliest chance you get.