Five Ways to Ensure Your Heart Health

Health is the most important investment any person can make. Everything will be lost once a person’s health deteriorates, including their financial assets. And the biggest killer nowadays is heart diseases.

Lifestyle Change for the Heart

A large percentage of the population currently struggles with heart issues. So to ensure a healthier lifestyle, the following are ways to ensure heart health:

  • Reduce salt, sugar and saturated fat intake – if a person has a high daily intake of salt, sugar and saturated fat, blood pressure is likely to be high too. Weight gain is also an easy way to find out if a person is exceeding the recommended intake. The recommended maximum intake of salt on a daily basis is to limit it to 6g for adults and about 3g for children. It can be easily reduced by avoiding salt at all and lessening its use while cooking. Avoid unhealthy sugary foods. Eat less also of butter, margarine, ghee, dairy fats, and fatty meats. Make the switch to low fat dairy foods and semi skimmed milk. Instead also of frying, choose to grill or steam meats. Be mindful of processed foods, avoid them if possible.
  • Fill up meals with fruits and vegetables. To increase potassium in a diet, it is recommended to consume at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. By increasing potassium, blood pressure is lowered. The vitamins, fiber and minerals found in these foods will maintain a good heart health in a person by lowering cholesterol.  
  • Eat more fish – Fish is also the better option than pork meat. Sardines, pilchards, salmon, mackerel and fresh tuna which are high in omega-3 fatty acids will greatly help in the lowering of cholesterol levels. Spinach, walnuts, wheat germ, flaxseed, canola oil, soya and pumpkin seeds are great sources of omega-3 also.
  • Reduce alcohol intake – alcohol increases blood pressure and causes abnormal heart rhythms. It can also damage the heart muscle. If unavoidable, just drink moderately. A recommendation to be considered is having three to four units of alcohol per day for men and two to three for women.
  • Quit smoking – cardiovascular diseases usually stem from smoking. People who smoke are twice as likely to experience a heart attack as those who don’t smoke. Smoking will result to damaging the lining of the arteries and reduced amount of oxygen in the blood, thus high blood pressure. Get professional help if smoking will be a hard vice to let go of.