When To See A Heart Specialist For A Stress Test

Cardiac Stress Test

Like a watch, our hearts tick when the battery’s new and eventually the ticking dies out depending on what’s left in the battery. We would never know if our heart is working perfectly based on our age and based on our lifestyle so it’s best that a stress test is done once in a while. Once you are able to do this, you will be prepared on what to do next, you will have a heads up of what you may be facing in the future temporarily or even something permanent. We would never wish ill but it is always best to be ready.

What is a stress test?

Performing this test is easy but it will only be accurate with a doctor or a medical practitioner taking note of it. Usually, you will be asked to walk on a thread mill which would make your heart progress faster and harder and you will be checked based on the discomfort you may be feeling. The test result is not always certain but most doctors still believe that it can still help prevention on anything that may occur.

The results usually show two things:

  • Normal
  • Abnormal

If it is normal, it would mean that you do not have any coronary diseases or problems. No arteries are blocked and veins are okay. You may have a heart attack but this would not happen soon enough. The doctor would usually proceed with other tests that may be a risk factor or concern.

If it is abnormal, then you have a 70% chance of having a coronary disease or a bigger change of having a blockage. But do not panic as this could be a false negative however, it still always best to be cautious. Similar to having a normal result, the doctor may still need to ask you to perform series of tests.

We would never know what can happen or what is going to happen so it is always best to be cautious. At an early age, you may want to watch the food you eat and probably do some regular exercises. It might be very late if we decide to do this later in life as we always say it, prevention is always better than cure. That being said, taking this test regularly will be very helpful for you.